FTP // 8

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Published January 2017


FTP Zine Distro

The FTP zine initially began as a project to counter the NSW Police Force propaganda surrounding their 150 year anniversary celebrations in 2012, specifically their release of a NSW police history book and their 2012 annual report. In response we decided to compile news of resistance to the police and their propaganda events in NSW. Afterwards we decided to continue the project, but decided to expand it’s scope to include news of various acts of resistance to the entire colonial project known as Australia.

The zine is now a bi-annual report on indigenous, ecological, and anti-capitalist resistance within the territory claimed by the Australian state. It is made up of communiques, posters and media releases published on self-publishing sites (such as indymedia.org.au and disaccords.wordpress.com) while the rest has been culled from the websites of corporate Newspapers and TV stations. Much of content has been compressed for reasons of space.

The actions and opinions expressed in these zines do not necessarily reflect the perspectives or attitudes of any other individual or group mentioned in this publication.

These zines are in no way ‘for profit’ publications, we encourage the printing, sharing and widespread distribution of these zines by anyone with resources to do so.